Customer Referral Program

Many sewer and drain cleaning companies spend between 12 and 15 percent of their annual income on advertising. As with all businesses, this cost is then passed along to you, the consumer. With the economy steadily heading downhill, and gas prices etc steadily climbing we wanted to come up with something to give back to our customers. The solution we've created is "The Royal Flush Referral Program."

Here's how it works:

1. Ask the mechanic that comes to your home for referral cards.

2. Referral cards are basically business cards with a space on the back that contains your referral ID number.

3. You can give these cards to anyone at all; whether they are friends, family, co-workers, stores you might frequent or even the manager at any of the restaurant's you might dine at.

4. When we receive calls for work we always ask the customer how they heard about us and if they say that they got us from a referral card, we ask for the ID number on the back.

5. Upon receiving your ID number you will receive a referral fee of 5% of the total job cost for any work we do for that particular customer, whether it is a business or residence, for the first year after we do the initial job. Depending on the cost of the job and your number of referrals this could actually equate into quite a large amount of money!

6. We consistently mail out our referral checks once a week, so you'll never have to wait long to receive "your" much deserved money!