Drain Cleaning in Queens

We are full service drain cleaning company and utilize the most advanced sewer & drain cleaning equipment available. We consider no job to be to too big or too small for us.

Here is a list of some of the services we provide. If you don't see your problem listed please just give us a call and ask.

Electrically Cleaned

Area Drains • Bathroom Sinks • Bathtubes • Cesspool's • Dry Well's • Catch Basin Lines • Floor Drains • Grease Traps • Gutters & Leaders • Kitchen Sinks • Laundry Basins • Main & House Sewer Lines • Roof Drains • Shower Drains • Slop Sinks • Stack Lines • Storm Sewers • Toilets • tubs Urinals • Washing machine lines • Yard Drains • And more !

  • Basements & Pools Pumped
  • Extra Long Runs.
  • Frozen Pipes Thawed.
  • High velocity jetting.
  • Sewer and Drain line Color Camera Inspections.
  • Clean-outs installed.
  • Check valves installed.

Not all sewer and drain problems are "that" serious but if by chance yours are, there "are" money saving alternatives. There "is" a difference between cleaning your lines and clearing your lines.

While the conventional cable machine will clear your sewer line and get it to run it won't actually clean it, where the high velocity water jet will thoroughly scour your line clean, please read on.

Over time the internal diameter of your sewer lines slowly decrease's until the pipe is completely clogged and has very little to no diameter at all. Regular snaking bores a small hole in the bottom of a heavy root infested and or heavy grease clogged pipe providing short-term relief, however, the problem will continually re occur.

The main cause of broken, cracked and fractured sewer lines is heavy grease build up. Over time the grease eats away at your sewer line causing it to rot usually resulting in a collapse.

Trees need water to survive and "Your" sewer water is no exception!

Roots invade your main sewer line through the hub's also known as connections. There's a hub at every five feet of your sewer line so if your sewer line is 50 feet in length your looking at approximately 10 connections.

The seal's on these hubs are never 100% air tight allowing moisture and a very small amount of water to escape through the smallest of pinholes.

The baby root will follow the water back into the pipe and grow extremely large at a very quick rate.

These roots coupled by the grease mentioned above will destroy your sewer line.

What is the answer?

High Velocity Water Jetting - Jet It & Forget It!

High velocity water jetting is a fairly new concept in the sewer and drain cleaning industry. It's a 5,000 PSI 36 Gallon per minute heavy duty gasoline powered pump driven machine that scours every inch of your sewer line bringing it back to it's full original diameter leaving it as clear and open as the day it was installed while never harming your pipes.

In addition, ask about Royal Flush's outstanding guarantee, standard on all our work, this way you know your covered!

Color Camera inspections:

Our fully trained and qualified technician will camera inspect your sewer line.

If any at all we can find and "show you" problems "before" they become disasters as well as solve chronic problems you may have been experiencing for years.

Nip your drainage problems in the bud before they can cause you serious cost and or inconvenience.

Whether it's as small as a sink stoppage or a main line stoppage that could do serious damage to your house and your possessions, trust Royal Flush to save the day with our state of the art equipment and our fully-trained and qualified sewer and drain technicians.